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Trademark Law


Trademark Law

In addition to pursuing brand protection on our client's behalf, we keep you well-informed at all stages of the process - from risk analysis to changes on the status of your trademark matters.​

As necessary, we also handle oppositions and cancellation procedures for our clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), and pursue and defend claims of trademark infringement in state and federal courts.

Our trademark team assists our clients in obtaining, protecting and enforcing trademarks in the United States and worldwide. We are well-versed in all aspects of protecting our clients' trademark rights and offer consultation, registration, licensing, and enforcement services in order to develop an on-target strategy for domestic and global protection of their marks in the most cost-effective manner.



Patent Law

With a combined 50 years of experience handling all aspects of patent law, our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the complexities and nuances of the patent prosecution process.

Our efficiency, knowledge, and diligence throughout the patent process permits us to capture the full value of our clients' intangible assets, maximize return on investment, and avoid litigation wherever possible, allowing clients the freedom to focus on meeting their business goals and preparing for the future. We assist businesses and organizations in industries as diverse as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical devices, agriculture and more.

In addition to patent prosecution, our team provides patent portfolio planning and analysis, advice on strategic decisions, and opinions on infringement, validity, freedom-to-use, and patentability, as well as representation before administrative and judicial panels. We are your one-stop solution, providing on-target advice and strategy at every step of the way.

Trade Secret


Trade Secret

In today's global economy, intense competition, employee mobility, and proliferation of spin-off and startup businesses make protection of trade secrets critical.

Appropriate trade secret identification and protection is often underrated but is equally as critical as patents or other forms of intellectual property protection that may require public disclosure.

The most effective way to protect trade secrets is first to identify what qualifies for protection and then to develop and implement sophisticated trade secret policies and procedures tailored for your business.

Our qualified attorneys are experts in the field of pursuing claims arising from unfair business practices and trade secret disclosures, and can assist in asserting your legal rights, recovering damages, and exacting reparations from these types of actions. 


Copyright Law

The internet and today's digital technology landscape has changed the ability to disseminate and share information around the globe. Our team provides counsel on copyrightability, registration, publishing, licensing, infringement, fair use, enforceability, statutory limitations, and exemptions, as well as transactions regarding the acquisition, license, transfer and sale of copyrighted works.

Acting as a partner to our clients in the creation of new business and revenue models, we guide them through the ins and outs of today's creative business trends. To maintain a competitive advantage, companies and organizations need clear guidance and creative solutions.

Our combination of legal and professional expertise makes us uniquely qualified to serve the new media and entertainment industries in devising strategies and tactics to protect and maximize the value of our clients' copyrighted works while minimizing risk and overall expenditure.

We counsel associations, publishers, entertainment companies, manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, standard-setting entities, major retailers and other business seeking to protect their copyrights and fair use of third party copyrighted works.

Entertainment Law
Technology & Licensing


Technology & Licensing

Our Technology Group offers clients a full range of legal services relating to the acquisition, enforcement, and commercialization of intellectual property and technology assets. We handle the entire spectrum of intellectual property and technology licensing arrangements, ranging from traditional license agreements to complex ventures for joint development of products, applications, and systems. We regularly negotiate and advise clients with respect to food, beverage, and fashion ventures, software licenses, equipment leases, software development and distribution agreements, and network services and data acquisition agreements. Our clients in this area include technology vendors and end-users in the publishing, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment and telecommunications industries, as well as major food and beverage manufacturers and fashion and apparel companies.

We participate in all aspects of technology-related transactions within the areas of intellectual property, telecommunications, e-commerce, entertainment, internet and new media, emerging technologies, strategic partnerships, technology acquisitions, and licensing. We have all the necessary resources to assist in the transaction life cycle, from strategic planning, to contract negotiation, to possible renegotiations and exist strategies.


Entertainment Law

With offices situated in the center of the entertainment industry, our firm counsels both talent and industry-side clients in motion pictures, television and radio broadcasting, music, fashion, publishing, photography, content licensing, sports and sponsorship of live sporting events, online entertainment and other entertainment industry matters - helping them protect the most valuable of their tangible as well as intangible assets.

Our attorneys have drafted hundreds of brand licenses and over one-thousand advertising talent, entertainment, media, and production personal services agreements. While we have extensive client counseling experience, if disputes arise, we also have entertainment litigation experience.

Our firm is open to innovative representation and cost-conscious alternative fee arrangements to assure the most profitable and efficient business development. We have critical access to key players in the entertainment industry and provide clients with business-oriented and dedicated legal advice needed to thrive in today's multidiscipline, multi-media entertainment marketplace. 

Privacy Law


Privacy Law

Our privacy law practice includes such areas as rights of publicity and compliance with data collection, retention, and sharing regulations. Our attorneys are well-versed in state, federal, and international privacy laws and the requirements to maintain compliance. We have experience in multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Privacy law is a rapidly-changing area of law, and businesses that collect so much as an email address from a customer or client are usually subject to one or more privacy laws. In order to avoid liability, companies must develop a comprehensive plan for collection and storage of customer information, which should be implemented from the start. Our attorneys can advise clients in best practices and compliance measures, draft internal and external privacy policies and procedures, and protect your business activities from liability.

Our attorneys have a diverse background in both business and law, and can help guide your company as you move forward in the digital age, and help with ongoing navigation of emerging privacy laws and the growing restrictions that they impose.

Internet & New Media


Internet & New Media

Our Internet and New Media team of attorneys provide counsel to clients in all areas of internet, gaming, digital and online entertainment, and other sectors of industry. We continuously stay on top of every new Internet-related issue. We counsel our clients on everything from keyword advertising to protecting their brand in the new Internet environment.

The highly specialized team offers a breadth of in-house experience at numerous new media and consumer product companies, and has drafted thousands of new media gaming content and brand licenses.

Our cutting-edge attorneys also have a direct network of international contracts, including network and business resources for new media and entertainment operations and technology development and distribution. Our flexible, innovative approach to legal representation allows your focus to remain on the future of your business and getting it to the next level.


Corporate Law

Our corporate practice includes such areas as corporate structuring, financing, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, venture and corporate governance, securities work, antitrust, and director and officer compliance, with a particular focus on the growth of our clients' business and meeting their objectives.

Industrial and service corporations, as well as financial and governmental entities and high-tech companies rely on our legal advice to compete most effectively in a global business environment. 

In addition, our understanding of the business needs of emerging companies allows us to bring a practical element to the legal and strategic counseling we provide.

Corporate Law



Attorneys in our Litigation Group have a wealth of experience in all aspects of intellectual property, antitrust, corporate, entertainment, and commercial litigation. We frequently combine our litigation skills and expertise with our corporate experience. Whenever settlement makes sense, we do whatever we can to bring about a successful resolution, however, we have no hesitancy about trying a case to either judge or jury.

We are very aware of the financial burden that litigation places on clients and make special efforts to control costs and work within budgetary constraints.

Our litigators protect clients' key products and brands both be defending against infringement allegations and enforcing intellectual property rights. Our trial experience allows us to anticipate and strategically manage every phase of the case, often giving us an edge in terms of resolving our clients' matters without entering a courtroom. When cases do advance to trial, our clients benefit from the experience of our nationally recognized litigators who have decades of success in federal and state courts and the International Trade Commission (ITC). 

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