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Portrait of senior patent paralegal Sergio Chacon Hoffmann

Sergio Chacon Hoffmann

Senior Patent Paralegal

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Professional Summary


Sergio attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and, during that time, he commenced his professional duties as part of the Chilean Diplomatic Service. Sergio actively participated at the Chilean Consulate General at Los Angeles as Chancellor and Honorary Adjunct Consul as well as in Trade Commissions (1976).

Sergio specialized in Intellectual Property matters with studies in Europe and in the United States, gaining expertise in both international and US prosecution of patents and trademarks.

Sergio's expertise has expanded into other areas of intellectual property from his experience in both US and foreign law firms during his more than twenty-five years of practice.


  • Bachelor's Degree - University of California Los Angeles (1975)

  • Political Sciences and Diplomatic Services - Universidad de Chile (1971)

Practice Areas

  • Patent Preparation & Prosecution

  • Foreign Patent Prosecution

  • Technology Law & Innovation

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