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Intellectual Property


What is Technology Law & Licensing?

Technology law is a general term used to describe a combination of laws that cover the development, use, and commercialization of new and emerging technologies. It can be considered a hybrid of employment, corporate, privacy, and intellectual property laws that apply to new technologies. From hardware and devices, to software and processes, technology law covers a broad array of businesses and legal considerations. The technology law practice at NOLI IP SOLUTIONS combines various legal disciplines and experiences to provide our clients with the forethought and tactical know-how necessary to plan and execute the development and launch of new technologies.

Contract Drafting

Business transactions have many different forms and may be called different things, but when they involve intellectual property, they often involve a license. Developments in new technologies often build off of existing technologies, which typically requires a license. We can help ensure that you have the necessary permissions to push your technology forward without running afoul of existing IP rights of others, which could at best slow development, and at worst, stop it completely in its tracks.

Emerging Technologies

Our team has been involved in the initial stages of technology development before, and has the forethought to recognize the potential future legal challenges that may present themselves. It is often true that technological development outpaces the laws, and being able to anticipate and plan for future legal changes and reactions to emerging technologies is something that sets NOLI IP SOLUTIONS apart. Our team has decades of experience in the development and launch of new technology in the United States and throughout the world, and is uniquely qualified to help guide our clients through uncharted areas of product, business, and legal development. 

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