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Mandatory Trademark Declaration of Use Under Oath in Argentina

June 3rd, 2019 became the effective start date in Argentina for the mandatory sworn declaration of use for trademarks granted five years. This declaration is mandatory for trademarks that have been granted as of January 12th, 2013 and there is a period of one year to submit the declaration. This means between the fifth and the sixth year that a trademark has been granted, a Declaration of Use Under Oath must be submitted.

For those submissions that had to be filed before June 3rd, 2019, there will be additional time provided without being considered out of date. This period will be till January 12th, 2020. Filing the Declaration of Use Under Oath jointly with the proof of payment is now a requisite to renew a trademark.

In cases that this is not done in the stipulated period, an extra fee must be paid for each year of delay.

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