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Noli IP Solutions


Flat Fee






At Noli IP Solutions, we offer a variety of pricing models in order to fit the specific needs of our clients. We strive to be an efficient and cost-effective partner, while still providing the utmost care and attention to our clients' needs. 

Flat Fees

Where feasible, we try to offer our services on a flat fee schedule so that clients know how much they will have to pay, and can make choices without the unexpected invoices. 

Flat Fee

Hourly Billing Rates

For non-standard services, and services which fall outside the predictable arrangements, we can provide our services on an hourly-basis. 


Subscription Plans

Our subscription-based pricing is designed for services that are on-going in nature and deserve legal attention over an extended period of time. Subscription pricing provides our clients with the ability to spread the payments over time while ensuring that they have a legal partner continually looking out for their best interests.


Legal Packages

Our legal packages provide discounted individual services when paired with similar or complementary additional services. Certain services, when packaged together, provide economies of scale and allow us to work more efficiently, which in turn we can then provide additional services for lower than stand-alone fees.


Unbundled Services

It can be difficult to price out individual legal solutions, but not at Noli IP. We offer unbundled legal services to fit any client need.  



The prices reflected here and on associated pages does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Noli IP Solutions PC. Your case/matter may not qualify for a fixed/flat fee arrangement and, instead, may require a separate fee arrangement. Whether hourly or otherwise. The fees listed above may change at any time, and Noli IP Solutions PC reserves the right to change these fees when it deems appropriate and/or necessary. Each fee listed above covers only the service with which it is associated. It does not cover any other service or task not identified. This is not a comprehensive list of business-related tasks and services. Other tasks or services may exist that may require a separate fixed/flat fee or a different fee arrangement. The fees above also do not include any out-of-pocket expenses for items such as filing fees, postage, or expert fees; such expenses are passed on to the client unless otherwise provided in a separate writing between client and Noli IP Solutions PC.

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